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the dates could be changed during the development

Data Structures

I plan to add more container data types to make working with different data fields more comfortable.

Geo Points

Geo Points are points with coordinates to represent geographical data.

Graph Vertices

To represent complex graph schemas graph vertices data structure will be added.


To search data effectively, some kinds of indexes will be implemented.


B-Tree is a classic index that helps compare, search and sort many data types effectively.


The text index is needed to support full-text search over one or more text fields.


Geo index helps to use geo operations like search in the area or search the nearest point effectively.


Some new query types and operators will be implemented to support more use cases.


Using projections, you will be allowed to set the output data format.

Text search queries are used to search large amounts of text.

Geo operations

To work with geo data, some geo operations will be implemented.

Graph operations

Graph operations help to work with graph structures.

User Management

User management is an essential part of the database. It will be implemented by version 1.0 too.


The authentification manager checks the user credentials before giving the data access.


Different user roles will be supported: admin, writer, and reader.


Per-collection access rights could be customized for each user